Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ok, obviously Caroline is still passed out from her drinking contest. Anyone else care to make a decision? (based on the post below this one.)

I played Lady Diana Spencer in a school pageant to mark the wedding of Charles & Di. [Too general - could be anyone who was in school since 1981. And I can't use your current personalities as clues, because the pageant may have been involuntary - somebody made you do it.]
This female was so shy as a child, she would burst into tears every time a teacher asked her to answer a question in front of the class. [Requires an outright guess, because you might not be shy at all now. Unfair.]
My nickname in highschool was "take a toke Toker". [Requires that I know your maiden name. Unreasonable.]
I took Scottish highland dancing for 3 lessons, until it became clear you couldn't get the awesome little strappy dancing shoes right away, so I quit that shit. I was 6. [Good clue. Gotta be Grumpus. Who else talks and writes like that? Give me one.]
As a child I always thought it would be wonderful to have dimples in my cheeks. [Wouldn't necessarily have to be Debbie. Could be Canucklehead. Too common.]
I spent the first 18 years of my life living in the same small town. [C'mon. We ALL made our escape after high school. The whole WORLD does.]
Tequila makes me run around my yard naked. [Ok. Good clue. The Georgia Zombie lady. Give me two.]
I would trade the rest of my life to be a sparrow for. just. one. DAY!!!!! ["Just. One. Day." Gotta be Grumpus again. Give me three. Or take one of these out.]
I have a freckle on one big toe. [Doesn't necessarily HAVE to be a redhead. But since most of you are, this is unfair. A freckle on your toe doesn't come across during everyday blogging. Unfair.]
I bite my toenails and occasionally chew them. [See? Now you have me deciding who might be flexible enough to do this. This is not a blogging clue.]
I cry every time I watch Last of the Mohicans. [Has to be an American because I don't think Grumpus would EVER cry. Over. That. Shit. and all the Brits are going, "Last of the Whaaat?" So that leaves me with Americans who are likely to cry in the movies. And also someone who has watched that stupid movie more than once. (I have met Russell Means, btw. The prick lives on the rez near me. Don't cry for him.) Petra watches movies all the time. And her harsh exterior is only a device to hide her mushy interior. She could cry at a movie. Bet she does, too. I say Petra. Acceptable clue. Gimme four.]
I can hold my breath under water for 2 minutes. I practice in the bathtub and in the summer, at the beach. You have to do this where there are no lifeguards though. They don't like it! [Although one is tempted to say Claire (and be also tempted to hold her head under until she could say "five minutes"), it is not conclusive enough to be a blogging clue. But Brits are pretty big on baths because their showers don't work worth a damn. I will think about this one. It may be fair.]
I cannot ride a bicycle. [Not likely to be an American or Canadian. But still too general. Unfair.]
Pink was my favorite color as a child. Everything had to be pink. I must have overdone things because I hate it now. [Obviously Canucklehead again.]
Tulips are my favorite flower. [And again.]


  1. Canucklehead for all the answers!

  2. I am not passed out. I am just not at home. And I don't have the answers with me at the moment. But I'll be home before tomorrow.

  3. Redbeard, why not? He never comes around anymore anyway. Just stays home and watches his sons sleep, he says. He is such an easy target anyway...

    Caroline. Sigh. You don't need the answers Dig your little Blackberry out and type the word "Yes" as a comment. That will be the correct decision. Thanks. And I knew you weren't passed out. Did you ever even go, btw? Or is that where you are now? Have a good time, wherever.

  4. So, now I don't even exist!

  5. Geez, you're right! I think I've only seen him here once in the past month I've been lurking/commenting here. I let my girl run riot on my apartment, and yes I clean up after her too. What's his deal? ;)

  6. A.- You exist. I just didn't see your little wizened bod sitting there. You can vote if you like. As long as you vote with me/for my wishes. I'm sure I got that answer wrong, so please tell me what you are talking about. It is Saturday morning in the U.S.A. We don't think on Saturday mornings very well. Tulip girl. Shy girl. Nail biter girl. Take your pick. Just don't make me think again on a weekend. :)

    Redbeard? Canucklehead's deal is that he is hanging around the house trying to suck up to his wife just because she had a baby recently. Go figure. Either that or he's fallen into his basement beer vat again. Perhaps we should send out a search party with food. (He will have already drank the beer, so no fear of drowning.) Maybe that is where Caroline is at...

  7. I understand your BritishSpeak, Caroline. No one else does, but I understand. Have a good time.

  8. By the way don't think I didn't notice you spelt my name wrong.

  9. He will already have drunk the beer.

    Sorry. Two for the price of one there. :)

  10. Your just whiny lol. you don't have to be redheaded to have freckles either...

  11. Caroline, what are you talking about? Are you drunk already?

    (I thought I was too quick. Guess not. :)

  12. Chica! Is that really you? I thought you had been carried off by wolves, or fell into the washer or something.

    Is that a hint? :)

  13. we never promised this would be easy, in fact, I believe that was the intent, to torment you for the way you have tormented all of us!

    clue: my personality has changed

  14. Fell into the washer? ha haven't done laundry in like 3 weeks, yeah I have that many clothes..ugh!


  15. Hi Deb. Sorry to hear about the personality. Actually it is your attitude, not your personality. Don't get too used to the newness because I'm about to change it again. :)

  16. Just stopping by to say a drunken hi

  17. Hi. Bet it was hot out there. Are you wasted?

  18. Do you think on Sundays? No, didn't think so. When do you think? Oh, OK.
    Surprisingly hot here too (Wales). I doubt it will last.

  19. A, you're in Wales? Lucky dab. Although it is only 4 weeks since I was there, which isn't bad for me.


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