Saturday, July 26, 2008

More help, please

I haven't given up. I have been trying to reason it out. But the thing is - and you all know this - you are cheating. Because some of your "clues" aren't clues at all, with regard to your personality traits, which is all I have to go on.

Some are real clues (though not especially helpful) but some are not. For example, liking Tulips or the color pink is hardly helpful because those things don't come across in your online persona. They require a flat-out guess, and that isn't supposed to happen in a real test. *he pouts*

Wanting dimples is SORT of a clue, but not really specific enough. PLUS you shouldn't be allowed multiple clues: it should be a straight-out mix and match where I can draw lines from the name to the clue.

Take a vote. If you REALLY want to see what I have picked up on you, just from your talk online, then give me clues that I should have picked up on from your attitude and manner of speaking and things you have said in past comments.

Anything else is unfair.

Specifically, I ask that you reduce the clues to only nine, either by submitting a more fair clue about yourself, or at least by discarding 6 clues from the existing list which are obviously too general to guess from.

[Here is an exmple of a clue I think would be fair: "This Georgia redhead always read zombie comic books as a child."]

Ok. Perhaps that is a LITTLE too much in my favor, but at least give me a break?

What do you say?

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