Sunday, June 8, 2008

Today's food special at the Slap & Tickle is...

Besides fish & Chips, there is another classic food dish found at British pubs. Can anyone tell us what it is called? More importantly, can anyone give secret recipes or tell where the most delicious versions of this taste delight can be found? Name your favorite pub.

Hint - Here are 4 WRONG answers:
1. Blood Sausage
2. Bratwurst
3. Haggis
4. Bubble and Squeak


  1. Ooooh! I've got the answer! Bangers and Mash. I have Google to thank for that. Otherwise I would have guessed something like sausage and taters. so pretty much the same thing there. I may be smarter then I think. :p

  2. bangers and mash, my oldest son's favorite! As I haven't fixed meat in more years than he has been alive and never have I fixed this recipe, we go to our local British Pub for him to enjoy.

  3. Hi Chica! I forgot to mention that you had to guess without using google. So my fault and you win. What do you win? Ummm, I forgot that too... :)

    Debbie, really? You have a British pub there? You will have to take all of us at the next pool party. When is the next pool party, btw? :)

  4. Life is an ongoing pool party. After a kayak trip this morning, I spent the day at the pool. You name the day, I'll host the party.

    Actually, we have several pubs in the area, mostly British, but one or two Irish. I guess we are just plain lucky!

  5. Bangers and mash in gravy. Classic pub meal indeed.

  6. Onion gravy. It really needs to be onion gravy. Good stuff.

  7. A.- Hi. One of the drawbacks of having a chatbox at the pub means there will be less comments, of course. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, though, I think.

    Anyway, you will be pleased to know that I had a pleasant chat with our good friend Catherine last evening, and she agrees with you about the onion gravy (although I think she said she was partial to chicken gravy when eating chips and gravy. Unfortunately, she also felt it necessary to describe in considerable detail what she had just made for supper, knowing that I was half-starved at the time. The Welsh seem to have a sadistic streak. Or is that just Catherine? No. Probably just with me... :)

    [8 Jun 08, 20:23
    Catherine: Bangers and mash goes well with onion gravy.]

  8. Oh, well, sorry to have duplicated efforts. I couldn't wade past all that man talk.

  9. A. I see you have recharged your disruptiveness. No man talk on these comments, A. And I don't remember giving you permission to read the old chat... :)

    Sow was it? Fun? Get any good pics? Hope so. Let me know when you have time to talk.

  10. "Sow" is a new contraction I invented. I stands for "so, how". :)

  11. Indeed I am recharged !!

    Yes it was fun, plenty of pics, you'll be bored to tears I promise.

  12. It's mainly just me, Max. (The sadistic thing, I mean. The Welsh tend to beat up on ourselves quite a bit, but I just like beating up on other people. It's less painful.)

    I didn't like gravy until I was in my 20s. I made up for its lack on my Sunday dinners by having mint or redcurrant sauce instead, and lots of butter on my spuds and peas.

  13. a.-bring on those pics. I am never bored with your pics. :)

    Catherine, I LOVE the way you talk about food. Lovingly. Like it is a personal friend. Me too! And, word has it, you are a superb cook. I'd bet yes. :)

  14. cornish steak pie I can almost taste it..:))


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