Friday, June 20, 2008

"After Midnight" 100-Post Roast

Congratulations to Mike Riley of "After Midnight" for his 100th blog post. The event is being celebrated with a celebrity roast on After Midnight, tonight, Friday night. Join roasters RELAX MAX, THE AGING DISCO DIVA, MARGIE & EDNA, AND THAT GRRL, for some well-deserved put-downs of a shitty blog, After Midnight, and it's shitty owner, Mike Riley. Go ahead, waste your time. Drop by After Midnight right now.


  1. Came to visit. Nothing clever to say at the moment. Sparing you from anything really stupid by just saying hello.

  2. Hello Laura. It's nice to meet you. I hope you will come back when you've thought of something really clever to say. Or even if you don't. (No reason you should be clever and the rest of us not.) :)

    I thought your roast piece was really good.


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