Monday, June 2, 2008

Fish & Chips


  1. tartar sauce? where is the vinegar?

  2. I thought proper fish and chips came wrapped in newspaper. Of course I'm a yank who grew up eating frozen fish sticks, so what do I know.

  3. erm, we don't serve fish in 3 pieces in the UK, at least not where I come from... thats an american thing, that I don't understand

  4. @Debbie-it is right there. Right in front of you. On the left side of your plate. Give me your hand... :)

    @Francis-I thought so. They used to. Half of the pleasure was in licking of the greasy ink afterwards. Not sure why they would change to regular paper or trays. Mrs. Paul's chopped and formed breaded fish sticks. Yay! Every American kid's staple, along with Count Dracula Coco-Pops... :)

    @Caroline-erm, that picture was stolen from an Australian fish and chips joint ad. Americans only use 1 fish or 4 fish. It's a traditional thing. And no chips. Fries.. :) So. the sequence is: 1 fish=American; 2 fish=English; 1 salmon head=Scottish; 3 fish=Aussie (OzChips); amd 4 fishies=FAT American. Can you dig it?

  5. Sadly, Bo Didley died today.

    Not so much a fish and chips story as it is an excuse for my poor spelling as I type through my tears...

  6. No, this is not British. It's not even the same as the Britishspeak version, which is much more the thing.

  7. Here we have to travel to the seediest parts of town to get the authentic version of this meal. Drenched in vinegar, smelling so sharp your eyes water, the chips made in year-old oil and the fish caught by a drunken fisherman that morning, who incidentally is the one cooking it for you now. He reeks of bait, has a cigarette hanging off his mouth and loves to swear. You often wonder where is the tissue to wipe the constant dribble of runny snot, before you reverently pick up the newspaper-wrapped goodness and sit on a scary park bench to eat it. If you are smart, you will land at least one chip on your before-then, spotless white blouse.

    You finish the meal, get up to stretch, and look at your friend before you both ask the question, "Should we take some away for supper?"


    PS: Got carried away there huh? You'll live.


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