Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grateful Liberated South Sea Island Girls

Post WWII men's magazine pulp illustrations were amazingly true to reality.


  1. Since you are a post WWII man, I feel sure you know all about it. I will take you at your word, proof not required.

  2. That girl on the front's going to be in need of hospital treatment any moment now. At the very least, her right knees's about to go through the glass, the other knee's going to slip, then she'll be off.
    The driver can't see ahead, anyway, so I predict they're all about to crash.
    It'll end in tears. Especially when the MPs get involved.

  3. @Soubriquet - Yes, perhaps. But Ol' Sarge in the back seat continues to calmly kill Japs in spite of the girl's advances. This despite the pain of his hand enduring the blistering heat of the muzzle air cooler. Those were the days.

  4. Sarge in the back, like all sarges in the movies is indestructible. At least until the final act. He also, no doubt, has that mystical supply of ammunition, that ensures he can fire off tens of thousands of rounds, and never run out. Yet he's never weighed down by heavy ammo boxes. It's an enduring mystery.
    If they make it to the village alive, we'll probably find out that Sarge is actually the father of at least one of those girls, a legacy of the loving he did as a young soldier on his first overeas posting.


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