Thursday, November 10, 2011

A goodbye to Andy Rooney

Most of you have already heard that veteran newsman Andy Rooney passed away last week. I once did a blog post about him reporting from a bombing raid on Germany in WWII. It's sort of fitting that he died so close to Veterans Day. He was 92. RIP


  1. Well, damn. I heard about it in passing, but was hoping it was wrong.

    I wasn't the biggest fan of 60 minutes, cause news makes me cranky, but I loved his pithy bits. Hell, I own a couple of his books and they're just as charming. Is charming the right word?

  2. He was the only part of 60 mins that I really liked. Sad to see him leave this world. RIP Andy Rooney.

    Max, I assume you saw his story on 60 mins when he retired? The link to you blog post about him isn't working for me.

  3. @Stephanie - No, charming is not the word for Andy. :)

    @Caroline - I don't watch tv much anymore. I missed his goodbye piece. I've tried to do the link properly again. It seems to keep breaking. It's probably Andy screwing with me from beyond the grave. :)

  4. It worked. In his last show, he spoke about being in the bomber, and about war. It was actually interesting. Even though he was not a pro war person, he did speak to the excitement of it.


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