Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mo' Charts

There used to be a really cool chart here showing all the weird key combinations to make all the special symbols and doo-dads you always wish you knew how to make on your computer. Unfortunately, it was too large and caused this page to take about three hours to load, so I've killed the chart off.

If this disappoints you too much, blogger still keeps it on its eternal server, here:



  1. I know only 2 of them off by heart. The rest I either work out or look up, but I use a different system. Slightly fewer keystrokes.

  2. You can see it if you enlarge it to its full size. I can.

  3. @A. - I think you know a lot more than 2 by heart. But don't be using any unauthorized systems of your own.

    @Sheila - Well, that's good news. Unfortunately, it takes so long to load due the marvelous hugeness of the chart, I'm going to take it down and throw it away now. Thank you for being so kind. :)


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