Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still not funny

Okay then. How about this?

Man walks into a grocery store and asks for a room....

Or do you have inns at grocery stores too?


  1. Of course it is silly. So was the man walking into a pub and wanting a room. But you guys didn't laugh. You all just beat me up with your serious British "a pub can be an inn" stuff. Especially that troublemaker A.

    Do you analyze everyone else's jokes? Noooooo. You just laugh.

  2. I was going to explain that there is plenty of room... All right, all right. Do us a post explaining American humour to the British.

  3. It's not necessary to analyse anyone else's jokes.

  4. @a - I don't have to do a whole post. The only difference is that American humor is funny.

    @Debbie - Close your eyes. Sleep. Go home. Leave the wine alone.


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