Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some Zombies for Petra

I have a friend who reviews B movies and blogs about zombies. Go figure. She writes pretty good poetry, too. She is weird. You may know her. If you do, you must be weird too.

I chose a few photographs at random of people who sort of look like the living dead. Only they are not really dead. I don't think.

Here they are. For Petra. I hope they will cheer her up.

(Top to bottom: The Algore, HelenThomas [world's oldest living Whitehouse press zombie and bushbasher extraordinaire]; Mick Mars [of some 80s band called Motley Crue]; Amy "Blow" Winehouse; Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. Note: there is an outside possibility that the photo of Tyler may belong to something called Bruno Press. I can't be sure.)

I once knew a redhead named Paytra
Whom all the boys wanted to daytra
She would bury them alive
Mumbo Jumbo and jive
Then roaming the earth was their faytra

With apologies to my Princess. She knows she's first.


  1. Oh wow! I can't believe you dedicated a post to ME of all people! And you obviously put a lot of thought into it, as shown by your great eye for picking out zombies that live among us. I am VERY impressed and VERY honored! And I am very touched by your attempt at poetry. Your grasp of manipulating the English language is almost as impressive as your zombie skills. Think you could give me some lessons?

  2. M(Tom)ax - you always know how to cheer me up, and because of that I promise not to ever use you as zombie interference. :-)

  3. WOOSH- those are scary! Has anyone else noticed that Al Gore looks more and more like a penguin every year? :-)

  4. Thymes comment got me to thinking -and I found this
    Is it just me or can anyone else see a resemblance?


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