Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yellowtail has asked if Max is bipolar. Obviously not. He has only been practicing for the party. Woot. Yellowtail is going down. Don't I wish.

Mad Monk or Inside Trader? Thankfully, you'll not have to choose, because Relax Max at the Slap & Tickle Pub k skillfullyk combines both of these timeless topics by weaving a tapestry containing both the repeated lesbian rape of Home Living diva-cum-Inside Trader Martha Stewart during her recent unfair incarceration, AND the last night of Grigory Rasputin, Father Confessor and personal cuckold of the last Russian Tsar. An unlikely subject combination for a family-oriented blog, you say? Withhold judgement until you witness firsthand the smooth, often seamless integration of these seemingly disparate, yet charmingly poignant subjects by the incredibly talented writer(s) at The Slap & Tickle Pub. Oh yez. You know it.
Thanks to Kelly, the one who used to like me, for the inspiration. The Whiffenpoof's assembled. We are poor little lambs who have lost our way. Blah Blah Blah.
Apologies to Kelly Naylor
Apologies to Yale University
Apologies to Rudyard Kipling
Apologies to Yassar Arafat
Apologies to Nicholas Romanov
Apologies to apologists
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Apologies to Danielle
Apologies to Air Force radio operators everywhere
Aplologies to the readers of this bog
I mean blog
God bless Mickey Lolich ad Denny McClain
RIP Norm Cash, Dennis Wilson, and Natalie Wood
Put a light in the window and go spend a penny


  1. You are such a perv! That's probably why I torture myself with your banter.... anyhoo.... Martha got what she DESERVED! You cheat and get caught you suffer the consequence. You cheat and you DON'T get caught, you reap the rewards... its a vicious cycle and yes, admittedly, you are bipolar...

  2. Am I meant to understand that?

  3. @ Petra - Thank you very much. And I have located a new partner for you. :)

    @ Claire - No Claire, it is in code. But quite a bit of it is ABOUT you. :)

  4. Am *I* supposed to understand any of this? I'm really glad to see Claire is as mystified as I am. It must be an American thing Claire. Mad as hatters.

  5. So to sum up:

    Relax Max is not bipolar but a schizophrenic kidnapping ransom-note dropper who apologizes way too much.

  6. a. - There is really much more pith there than meets the hurried eye. There are clues. And, although I probably don't expect you to make the connections between the baseball players mentioned, I would have expected more from Redbeard.

    And, if you haven't been following the recent posts on BlahBlahBlah the whole concept of Mad Libs and Semi-Mad Libs will go over your head, admittedly. But Kelly deserves your daily support and you should be giving it to her. Cliff Wigball or no.

    Redbeard-no, my friend. Not coming close to summing up the essence and delightful hidden connections of this post. Norm Cash, Dennis Wilson, and Natalie Wood all drowned trying to get back on their boats. Just for starters. I'm somewhat disappointed that a closer study by you was not deemed time-worthy. But there is still Grumpus if she shows.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

  7. Perhaps I may dedicate more time to this tenuously linked insanity tonight in my free time. Now that I've wiki'd, I see that link, although I'm not all that keen on the old-timey ball players, my first-hand experience baseball knowledge begins in 1990.

    But you may know of the fate suffered by Steve Olin and Tim Crews. Bob Ojeda got away.

  8. My own baseball "first hand" knowledge doesn't start much earlier than that. No excuse. I have heard of many old things. But thanks for looking again. I will explain what it is later. It is inspired from Kelly's nonsense posts. Later. :)

  9. Well, it is good to see that you have found the options on the colors, size, and font front.

    Of course, I never assumed there was any meaning to any of it so it makes perfect sense to me.


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