Sunday, August 10, 2008

More good than bad, I thought

There were several deficiencies and glitches, but all in all I think the first attempt at a virtual pub party was a success. I had fun anyway. I will learn from this experience so next time it will run smoother (and I want there to be a next time.)

I didn't actually count them, there must have been close to 50 "real comments." (Those not made by myself in answer to somebody else's comment.) So that was pretty cool. Nobody really got wasted enough to make the silly comments I was hoping for, so there won't be much making fun of people today. It was my hope to be able to make some of my friends feel pretty bad today, but no such luck. Some got pretty wasted, but even those were under control. Mostly.

Next time, I want to get more heavily into real games. I thought that would take care of itself, but it didn't really work out. Next time I will do the right thing and have the ladies plan the activities and leave the drinking and dumbassing up to the men. I would want to think of a better way to handle the food issue too. Catherine was fighting a losing battle on that this time. A little more organization, but not so much as to not still be fun.

One of the unexpected fun things, I thought, (for me, at least) was the use of the chat box for live conversations. We often talk one on one with each other, but last night we were able to have several people in group discussions, and that was fun. Much of this "group chat" happened late in the day, and in the early morning hours, and it had the feeling of friends just sitting around the campfire at the end of the day. It was fun "listening" to your friends talk just as much as it was talking yourself.

So, I say let's not give up on making the pub a place where our little group can gather. There were awkward moments and things that didn't come off like I wanted, but my test is: "Did I have fun, overall?"

Yes. Yes, I had fun. I hope you guys did too.


  1. I wanted to stop by before we left on the boat to thank you for such fun!

    We are thinking there will be no wine today on the boat. Wonder why?

  2. I had alot of fun but I'm wondering why the "host" was into playing a disappearing act on a pretty regular basis.....?? Anything you want to share there?

    I did very much enjoy it tho, and look forward to the next time.

    Hey Deb - I have about 2 glasses left - you can have 1 if ya want!

  3. Very much more good than bad, very much :)

    Perhaps if you didn't start quite so early it would concentrate the action, if you see what I mean. It was good of you to take the British contingent into consideration, but we were a bit thin on the ground and a 7 pm start is really quite early. It must have been a marathon for you.

  4. I had fun inventing cocktails!

    But I was a bit too tired last night and had to flake out. Sorry.
    I agree with A that it was an early start, even for us Brits! I was quite prepared to just come and hang out about midnight once all my other stuff was done for the day.

    I didn't really do anything on the food/games front, did I? Maybe you should tag me as cocktail waitress instead.

  5. It waz da funz, for little part of it I was a part of. :)

  6. Why was this blog closed yesterday?

    I had fun, well it was better than being in the eye anyways.

  7. I had fun, sorry I wasn't around much though.

    We should for sure do it again sometime.

  8. Debbie, the pleasure was all ours. And I think I know why no wine. :)

    Petra, the host was always there. Basking in your glow for the most part. And you seemed to really have quite a glow-on. :)

    a., why thank you Missy! See, we had this time zone problem. But next time I will start it at 7pm in the U.S. I hope you will find that more satisfactory. :)

    Catherine, it was very inventive indeed! To early. Ok. I will make it later. No problem. I would like that better, too. I tasted your sausages, though, and they were simply scrummy! :)

    Chica, you didn't spend that much time with us, true. But it was quality time and that's what counts. Thanks! :)

    Claire, because it was broken from all the comments Saturday night. (Did you know Google starts charging after 100. I didn't know that. I gave them your address for billing purposes, so it is ok now.) Thanks for the compliment. I think. :)

    Caroline, sure. I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime. Just let me know when you think would be a good time. Thanks. :)

  9. I understand about time zones Max, surprisingly enough. You start when you like. Touchy, moi?
    If it broke from too many comment, have you had to upgrade to Pro? Which seems less than fair. Or is it likely to happen again? In that case a later start would perhaps curb the numbers, though not halve them I suppose.

  10. a., It didn't break I lied. I reserve the right to lie under certain circumstances. You are going to make my head explode! And what the heck is "pro version". I've never heard of that. Sounds like money to me. I just took the blog down for a day to see if I could get some comments. Worked. Even Claire asked about it. In her demanding way. So it was worth it. Should it happen again? (I am sorry I lied about it being broken. Please forgive me.) :)

  11. Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practise to deceive.

    Why am I making your head explode? Anyone who takes down a blog to encourage comments probably had his head exploded a long time ago. So I would hope, that being the only explanation for such irrational behaviour I can manage for the time being.

    But of course I forgive you :)

  12. Max, that does seem to be a strange motivation for taking the site down. I didn't even know it was down till Claire said something.

  13. Caroline, there was another reason. It is not important. I was only trying to be lighthearted and joking. It grieves me that you, and no one else, will know the real reason right now, or what is going on. But let's just say some testing was going on. It was not broken.

    I really hope you have a good trip and will try and send us some pictures. :)

  14. poor poor max.

    Pictures will be sent, I promise.


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