Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pissed as a newt

Pub definitions: levels of intoxications:

1. A little drunk, tipsy: Squiffy

2. Drunk: Bevvied, Bladdered, Half cut, Mullered, Plastered, Rat arsed, Sloshed, Snockered, Sozzled, Wellied,

3. Really drunk: Paralytic

Canuckleheads Cat: Paralyzed Pussy...


  1. Fucked? Wankered? Pissed? Merry?

    Claire, this was a post about drinking and getting drunk. Not about your love life. :)

  2. ummm....

    i know i feel befuddled after a shandy or two ... and i definitely qualify for under the table...

    hey max! can you pass me that plate of REAL SNACKS now ??

    you're a great gal's pal!


  3. People who drink to that point worry me. Although it is a miracle they come out of it only with a hangover, and not brain damage.

  4. They are all perfectly legitimate terms for various stages of drunkiness :)

  5. Yes Lola, more snacks for the pretty puppy. And more back in the kitchen as well. Cook saves your favorites for you now, you know. Everybody likes you here, so be sure and make the rounds and spend time with your new friends. Don't let them give you too much shandy, though - you know how it makes your tail wag too fast. :) Befuddled? Under the table? Good ones, girl!
    True Chica. But sometimes there IS brain damage from the constant exposure. For example have you ever seen Claire able to concentrate beyond a dozen words? So sad. But DO keep that Pepsi diet. Sugar has it's own evils you know. :) Are you doing ok? I want everybody to stop by and see your new blog design, how beautiful it is. Everybody???
    I know Claire. Just teasing as usual. Tell me some phrases for "just teasing". You once told me you were just taking the piss out of me. Hmmm. I wonder if that means teasing. In an evil sadistic way, perhaps. The word piss seems to have a LOT of meanings in your country, Claire. But I should have asked you at the beginning of this comment, huh?- Now you have left after only reading the first few words. ::sigh:: ::shudders at the thought of the havoc she will wreak in America soon.::

    a., Me too. Oh. You mean how one gets after drinking. I see. Defenseless, too, right? No. I suppose not. :)

  6. Well oiled
    Three sheets to the wind

  7. I'm not great at names but I never forget a face and that good sir is certainly not my pussy!

  8. hi max.

    i've made the rounds of the pub tonight. it's kinda slow. think i'll head back to the kitchen and visit the cook .....

    maybe even the barmaid might lift your shandy embargo for me ... just tonight? arf!

    i didn't understand the can/head guy's place. i got confused. i got lost. i sniffed my way back to the exit and came home. i think he was on his way out anyway.

    tell him, "Lola said woof."



  9. Oh for sure, Pepsi is rounding my middle sip by sip, it's evil stuff, but I heart it. Mostly because it doesn't make my incoherent to my Don't get me wrong though I get smashed when I want to, but it's like a once a year type thing. :)

    I'm ok just busy busy busy. I'm knee deep in paperwork, and can't raise my white flag.

  10. Why are my drinks not on the house? Claire's are.

    you suck.

  11. Petra: The first answer that popped into my head was, "Because Claire seldom comes around to collect." But the real answer is, "You have been a very loyal supporter of this blog and the pub. Of course your drinks are on the house too. So are those fabulous ladies a. and EttaRose. Ummm... and....everyone who has made it to the sidebar as a regular.

    Except Canucklehead. Can't afford him. On second thought, he passes out after only two beers, so why not? Canucklehead too!

  12. a. - Thank you for the nautical terms. :)

    Canuck - I just assumed when I saw it lying in a pool of vomit.

    Lola - Don't be sniffing around that can. :)

    Chica - Pepsi is good. Diet Pepsi is probably better. Water with a twist of lemon is ok. Whatever you want. :) Thanks for taking a break from all that paperwork.

  13. Diet Pepsi is just wrong. Pepsi Zero though tastes better, but if you drink too much of it, ya can get queasy awful fast, and it makes ya burp an awful lot. So it could come in handy for burping contests!

  14. Chica, ok - no diet then. And burbing zero. Drink the high octane. You will just have to run it off. :)

  15. so, I'm simply part of everyone who made it on the sidebar, huh?

    become a regular in a place and the service goes downhill.

  16. Wow, it looks like this person in the picture could have had way more than a hangover, are they sure he didn't choke himself on the urinal?

  17. Debbie, you always get personal service. How can you say that? I'm hurt to the quick! :(

    wblmom-actually, that is a candid shot of our pal Canucklehead. And he wasn't even drunk - only hungry and going after that big mint. :)

    Thank you for your comment.


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