Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fenways for Petra & RB

(Click on pics to enlarge)


  1. Nice Fenway pics Max, you showed some parts of Fenway I didn't have time for around the outside. Having gone just the first time this year...

    Something is off with BritishSpeak, I keep getting an error message over and over. Refreshing doesn't cure it.
    Fortunately enough I could read it using google reader, but I'm unable to comment there.

  2. Never mind, I'm told Sitemeter is causing issues all over the net.

  3. I have removed a post I had just put up that had some pretty complicated elements in it. I am going through it again now. Try it again with that one gone and only the old post showing, would you?

  4. Fenway Park... *sigh* I wish I had time to have stopped there when I was in Boston. Next time though!

    I'm not that into baseball, but the team spirit is one to have fun with. Boston has got a lot of team spirit, even if they are loud and rowdy. :)

  5. Never been a fan of baseball-but these nice images. And the rest of the city is pretty nice.

  6. Oh I SEE! baseball! Thank you Descartes :) :)

  7. I disabled Sitemeter a long time ago. Just use Google Analytics now.

    And MAX - love the pics. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I mean us.

  8. @ Chica: Fenway Park + Located in Boston + "not that into baseball" + Jesus Christ I live in Idaho = Give it up Chica.

    Cubbies fans have team spirt and are loud and rowdy too. Your point? Losers are loud? Come over to the dark side, Chica. Come with me to Phoenix and we'll have them close the roof and blast the air conditioning while we watch the D-Backs kick some consistant Cubbie/Sox ass. And I will feed you all the Pepsi you can suck down at the same time. Deal? :)

    Yes, A. - Baseball. You can come too. You'll never sit in the sun to watch Cricket again. :)

  9. Redbeard, thank you for the movie. That was very good editing, btw. I especially liked the part where the guy is taking a leak on the post. Pretty cool ball park, I say. Me? I took my exteriors and went back to my air conditioned hotel room that night and watched the Sox lose on TV. It was sad. I'll bet they kick some ass before the season is over. You watch. Might even go to the series, too.

    If all the Yankees get killed in a plane crash.

    Just kidding, buddy. :)

    (No I'm not. The whole world knows that's what it would take. )

  10. "You can come too. You'll never sit in the sun to watch Cricket again"

    I very much hope I will, I've spent the best part of a wet weekend watching. I can think of better things to do, but possibly not baseball.


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