Monday, July 14, 2008

While the cats away, the mice will play.

Well, while Max is away on vacation, he has foolishly left me in charge...
so me thinks its time for a little fun.

Personally, I am in need of some fun at the moment, as the guy I was in love with, and have been dating for the past 10 months, has decided he doesn't love me and that its over between us. Part of me would love to get angry at him, but its not going to solve anything, and he can't change the way he does, or in this case doesn't feel.

So - What I am going to do, is get on with living my life, and having fun.

I used to work in a real bar when I was at University, it was such a dive, but it was fun for a while, I got great tips - of the money type, not as in "Never eat yellow snow", or "Always where a seat belt in the car". There was only a few people who'd drink there, and they were all elderly men who were trying to hide from their wives. They'd arrive when the pub opened at 11, and would still be there at closing time. Its really not easy trying to get a bunch of drunken old men out a bar, especially when they are trying to avoid their wives.

So, what trouble can we get into while Max is away? Suggestions are welcome!


  1. Awww, Caroline, that's horrible. About the bloke I mean, not about Max being away - that's actually quite nice in a weird sort of way.

    So. How drunk do you want to get? I used to be a barmaid too, you know, in a reasonably lively and popular pub in my home town. Some of the regulars were gits though; they used to do the whole prank call thing (it was just when people were starting to get mobile phones instead of relying on the pub's payphone) and ask me to call out to see if Mike Hunt and other such people were in the pub. I never did, I was never that gullible!

    I can pump /and/ pour a mean pint, anyway...

  2. Very very drunk sounds good to me. I am all about drowning my sorrows at the moment.

    That's pretty funny that they tried that, and just aswell you are not that gullible.

  3. I did enjoy working in that pub most of the time. I used to do Thursday nights, which were quiet and usually had just the regulars, and then Saturday nights, which were bonkers.

    It put me off Bacardi for life though (except in cocktails) because I can't stand the smell and hated having to serve it.

    Also? Smelling like stale beer and fags (back in the pre-smoking ban days) was exceedingly unpleasant. I took a lot of 1am showers.


    As for getting drunk right now? Don't drink gin. If you're depressed, it makes it a lot lot worse. I recommend happy cocktails instead - aside from anything else, you don't feel them till you stand up. Had one at a new bar near me on Sat night - vodka, tequila, gin and OJ. Tasted just like OJ. Lethal.

  4. Hahaha, sounds like me on Saturday with the Blue Hawians... it was a good night.

    I stay away from white wine when I am sad, and I don't drink Gin anyways, its evil stuff.

  5. How is your head this morning? Once the fog clears, let's prepare to create mischief here.

    I left a note at your place.

  6. Mischief is good... i am up for some of that!

  7. So what would make maxie dearest the most crazy to find here without really doing harm? I am thinking a list from all of his lady admirers of what he can do to make them happy. The list can be complete at 180 items (that is a number I use in my Love Potion Number 9 class to manifest new love). He will have to complete all 180 or we will bring out the big guns, (guns to be determined).

    What say ye? just brainstorming here....

  8. Oooh Debbie, I like the way you think.


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