Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back. I think.

I don't recognize the place. I suppose that is a good sign, since Caroline is much more creative than I. But could someone please tell me what has been going on? You have more pictures of men on this blog than my good friend Mo has. I don't mind, if that is what you like. Ummmm...shall I move on now, or is there something I should be doing here?

Don't make me read all this stuff, ok? Just give me the short version...

Anyone care to be a spokesperson? (I assume Caroline is in hiding, so I can't ask her.)

Claire would know. But she would lie.

Chica wouldn't lie, but she wouldn't know, either.

Petra? Pft.

A.? Fat chance.

Debbie? Probably out kayaking.

Catherine? Maybe. A few Gins and Tonics on the house. More than a few, probably.

Ettarose? Yes! Ettarose will crumble like a wet cookie.

I just noticed something. There are no men involved in this blog.

Well, Redbeard passes through. So does Descartes. But they are both new and haven't been beaten down by the ladies yet.

Wait a minute - Canucklehead. Right. What am I thinking. I'd be better off trying to wake up Qelqoth during the daytime.

Maybe I will just leave it to Caroline. Why change anything?




  1. Just answer the questions as set below and then it will decided whether you can play here any more.

  2. Not so fast. Is that a complete list of ladies to choose from? No fair having facts from other people not on the list.

    This is going to be sooooo easy

    Ok. I will assume 15 items and only the nine ladies listed.

  3. Ok, I will do this scientifically.

    First: 5 British, 3 Americans, 1 Canadian.

    Princess Di, Scottish Highland, can't ride a bicycle: all British, for sure.

    Mohican: American for sure.


    Ok. Number one. I note that she is called Lady Diana and not Princess Diana. That means this person was in school during the marriage time. So when did they get married? Don't remember. William is probably 25, 26 now. So, early 1980s. Say 1982. Caroline would have been 3 years old in 1982 and probably would have had blonde hair. But not in school. Scratch Caroline. Scratch A. - out of school. Scratch Sheila, same reason. Who does that leave? Claire and Catherine. Neither would have been blonde. Claire is too young anyway. Catherine would have been pretty young too, but probably would have been in school at least. Possibly Grumpus, the Canadian. But she isn't old enough either.

    Not so easy as I thought.

    Catherine? Not bloody likely. That leaves nobody. But, then, the pageant may not have been at the time of the marriage - could have been years later. If that were the case, then Caroline or Claire. I would choose Caroline because of Claire's red hair.

    But I am going to pass and see If I can eliminate someone with one of the other hints.

    This isn't fair, you know. You should have only allowed 9 hints, one for each person.

    My head hurts.

  4. Sorry Max buddy, I'm not much help, still getting to know the ladies... Y'know with doodle week and everything and all my video productions I've been sort of busy.

  5. Welcome back Max.

    Did you have a good vacation by the way?

    Do you like what I did with the place when you were gone? We like it very much :)

  6. Hi Caroline. Yes, I had a nice time. Pretty hot and humid back there. But nice.

    Yes, I think you did a fantastic job. I owe you big time. :)

  7. Redbeard, thanks for the moral support, anyway. Is this doodle week already?

  8. Doodle week has been and gone. You were convienently on vacation at the time (s'cuse my spelling)

  9. Just as well. I am a really cruddy doodler.

    So you are not going to give me any more hints?

  10. Nope, no hints for you. I shall see what the girls think about giving you 3 guesses. It could work a bit like that matermind game where I tell you how many you have right, but not which ones...

  11. Oh, I missed your earlier comment so far. It wasn't all me, you have the girls to thank for the ideas, I just posted and facilitated.

  12. I think I should get three guesses. After all, you didn't explain that I have my blog to lose. That should have been made clear.

    Also, "spent 18 years in the same little town" is too general for a hint."

    But I know it's you. Or could have been you.

  13. Oh - and... I wasn't hiding... i was just sleeping.

  14. Yeah. Sleeping with a jar of peanut butter.

    Just kidding, Caz. Just kidding. :)

  15. Oh, aren't you just too funny!

    I started posting comments on the latest blog... i was getting confused with all the bouncing around - no coffee as yet.

  16. Am I allowed give him a hint? Of course it may be misleading....

  17. I'd be quite surprised if anyone British would call Princess Diana anything other than that, even though it would have been correct to call her Lady Diana at the time. Of course, I may be totally wrong. :)

  18. ok what the hell does Petra? Pft mean?? I am pretty sure I am offended right now damnit......

    And for the record, I used to beat up boys for my brother (who were younger than him, but the same age as me) and I would win, so watch it, Mister.

  19. Can we start over, please? I have had a really terrible day. Mostly putting my foot in my mouth with people I really care about. Help.

  20. Love the reasoning on the Lady Di question, Max. Are you going to apply similar detective skills to all the others as well?
    (It was July 1981, by the way. The weather was so hot that the tarmac melted during our street party. This isn't a hint.)


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