Monday, July 28, 2008


Along with Max's final results.
So below are Max's responses, and - whether they were right or not...

1. I played Lady Diana Spencer in a school pageant to mark the wedding of Charles & Di. - Catherine - Correct
2. This female was so shy as a child, she would burst into tears every time a teacher asked her to answer a question in front of the class. - Debbie - Correct
3. My nickname in highschool was "take a toke Toker" - Petra - Correct
4. I took Scottish highland dancing for 3 lessons, until it became clear you couldn't get the awesome little strappy dancing shoes right away, so I quit that shit. I was 6. - Grumpus - Correct
5. As a child I always thought it would be wonderful to have dimples in my cheeks. - Catherine - Wrong
6. I spent the first 18 years of my life living in the same small town. - Caroline - Correct
7. Tequila makes me run around my yard naked - Petra - Correct
8. I would trade the rest of my life to be a sparrow for. just. one. DAY!!!!! - Grumpus - Correct
9. I have a freckle on one big toe. - Chica - Correct
10. I bite my toenails and occasionally chew them. - Claire - Correct
11. I cry every time I watch Last of the Mohicans. - Claire - Correct
12. I can hold my breath under water for 2 minutes. I practice in the bathtub and in the summer, at the beach. You have to do this where there are no lifeguards though. They don't like it! - Caroline - Wrong
13. I cannot ride a bicycle. - Catherine - Wrong
14. Pink was my favorite color as a child. Everything had to be pink. I must have overdone things because I hate it now. - Sheila - Correct
15. Tulips are my favorite flower - A. - Wrong

Bonus: Peanut butter = Ettarose

Well - you got 11/15 Max, plus the bonus question- not bad, although I am thinking you had some help - but that's ok. So, I guess that means 4 guest posts for you to write... unless you can match the last 4 to the correct person. To make it easy, here are the 4 you still need to get:

5. As a child I always thought it would be wonderful to have dimples in my cheeks.

12. I can hold my breath under water for 2 minutes. I practice in the bathtub and in the summer, at the beach. You have to do this where there are no lifeguards though. They don't like it!

13.I cannot ride a bicycle

15.Tulips are my favorite flower

Good luck :)


Later.... (and even later the results)

Here are my final thoughts. I don't think I can do any better. You are not even playing by your own rules, so have your fun while you can. (Of course I would be lying if I didn't admit that I have loved the attention you have given me. :)

5. As a child I always thought it would be wonderful to have dimples in my cheeks. - A. - Correct
12. I can hold my breath under water for 2 minutes. I practice in the bathtub and in the summer, at the beach. You have to do this where there are no lifeguards though. They don't like it! - Grumpus - Correct (although you are lucky I didn't see this sooner, otherwise it would have been wrong...)
13. I cannot ride a bicycle very well at all - I keep running into things. I can only ride really small bicycles. And even then you had better stay out of my way. - Caroline - even with you modifying the answer, this is wrong...
15. Tulips are my favorite flower - Caroline - correct

I think I am getting the hang of how this works now. All you have to do is change the rules :)
Well you got only 1 wrong - I am very impressed - honestly (even if you did get some help). So you need to get busy writing that guest post for Miss Claire, who is the one who can't ride a bicycle. It seems even though you took advantage of her while she was inebriated she didn't give everything away.


  1. Well done Max - weirdly enough, I did use to wish for dimples as a friend of mine had fantastic ones. I do have one in my cheek, but I really have to screw my face up for it to appear.

    I can ride a bike though. Even if mine has languished in the garage for 5 years and is being Freecycled soon.

  2. Also - very amusing to see whose fact was whose!

  3. That wasn't too bad. I can't believe you've changed the rules again and are making me get all of them right before I am off the hook, post-wise. And I can't believe you won't tell me how many clues each person submitted. The little dog whines.

    So I will try it once more.

    And I did NOT get any help!

    (Although, thank God Claire was drunk on her ass at 3 AM this morning....) :)

  4. OK, well i found my comment where I had posted the rule:

    "OK, well I am going to make an executive decision on this one. Max gets 3 chances to get the facts right. Each guess I will tell him how many he got right, but not which ones.

    Out of his first round of choices he got 6 right.

    Ladies - we also need to decide what he forfeits - if on his final answer he gets less than 5 right, I think we get control of his blog.

    But what happens if its between 5-10, or 10-14?"

    So, I think, you write a guest post for each wrong answer at your last guess.

  5. I say we get one smoothie back!

  6. ooooh, Debbie, there you are again with the great ideas... I say that's a plan

  7. Debbie, it just wouldn't work out. Too much bother and upkeep. You guys would have to wax him every week or so and then you would have to keep oiling him down. Too much trouble. And for what?? :)

    I do expect we can count on to attend the male stippers on Saturday night? Caroline says she is otherwise occupied.

  8. hmmm....

    I believe I can attend, unless of course I need to organize my sock drawer again. Maybe I will sneak a smoothie in with me, hehe (evil grin)

  9. Max what is up with your typing and spelling today? Are you flummoxed - has Amanda been keeping you busy?

  10. I don't mind waxing our attendants. I have practice.

  11. Oh, Catherine. Sigh. You too? You were my last hope for decorum in the pub. :)

  12. catherine,

    Come to the dark side....

    we have cookies

  13. ooooh cookies... I knew there was a reason I was here.

  14. He totally took advantage of me last night.

    and then wanted clues.

  15. well that just doesn't surprise me... max you sneak!

  16. can we have the next bartender have a little hair on his chest? I like hair. Is that a bad thing??

    And Max, I honestly thought you would do better than 11.... (sigh)

  17. I don't care how many you got wrong or right, I just want to give Caroline major Kudos for coming up with this torture for you, I think that's who did right? I could be totally wrong. I get all the ladies confused around here.

    It's easy to remember the guys, Red, and yourself Max, but now I'm thinking there need to be more male regulars, I dunno how you deal with all the ladies all the time, I couldn't do it. :p

  18. Chica, torture it is. I am already on my 4th day of preoccupation. Which was the whole point, I think. I have been tied up here and unable to solve the problems of the world, or consult with foreign princes all this time. Things are grinding to a halt.

    I dunno, Chica. The ladies are ok. I seem to have trouble more with the men. Come around more often - there are several more men than you think. And each and every one is either smarter than me or thinks he is. The ladies, on the other hand, secure in the knowledge that they are superior, often let me get away with things the men will not.

    But I do wish you would stop messing around with laundry and your family and hang out more with us.

    Yes. It was Caroline what done it to me.

    Her heels, Caroline. That was too dirty to put on Britishspeak, so there it is for you here. I hope are not too flummoxed or pixilated. And I hope you don't have female relatives there. :)

    Sorry, Chica. I was distracted for a moment. What advice would you give me? :)

  19. PS-try to pretend that picture of Yummy is really Max. I am having trouble with my alter-egos tonight as I flit from place to place trying to make long-delinquent posts. At least I didn't startle you with my Tal E Whacker persona. :)

  20. Well you did have me wondering for a second, but since you have so many alter egos I'm just lucky I can tell it's you and not a complete stranger.

    I wasn't talking about the ladies that way, I'm just saying I dunno how you keep up with them all hehe. I think the ladies here ar mighty funny in their own right, even though I've never been to their blogs except Claire's.

    My advice to you? Stop multi-tasking and multi-ego(ing) and just be Tom. :)

  21. Chica, Tom is too boring. But, coincidentally, I was thinking about doing a post on myself later this week, just to help sort out all the characters. I hope you stop back and read it. It will be either here or on BritishSpeak.

    I am seriously saddened that you do not visit the blogs of these good friends. I know how much they would all love to get to know you. Do you just not have the time? Would you let me introduce you to them? Come to my party Saturday night, and I will. You don't need to be shy. I will be your escort and take care of you, ok? (Btw, most of them have become old friends, so it isn't hard to keep up with them. :) I wish you could have met Marmelade. She was ever so cool. I miss her a lot. But there are so many others that would love to welcome you into their little group. Then YOU could be against me too. :)

  22. Yeah It's pretty much a time issue. I spend only so many hours online, and during the day it's usually only a half hour.hour online at a time with a few hours breaks in between. I'll promise ya though that I'll take a peek at all the folks in this next week.

    I will certainly be back for the post about yourself, and yourselves. :)

  23. Thanks, Chica. That would be great. I want so much to get you more closely integrated with us. You have a lot of wit and humor to offer. Just visit a couple each day whenever you can.

    Tom is rather shy, but he will come out a little for you in the post. Thanks for stopping by tonight. :)

  24. Some people did submit 3 clues. Sheesh! We should have made the tricky ones multiple choice.

  25. Danny, you told me you only submitted two. Liar. I am going to change the bathtub to you real quick. Because I know you sure as hell can ride a bike. Damn tree hugging hiker! :)

    Are you back? If you are, I have some more abuse I need to give you.

  26. Max, I only submitted 2, although someone else did submit 3.

    But since that is your final answer, you will be receiving your grade soon... but at least one guest post is owed.

  27. I'm sorry, Caroline. I wish I could believe you about you submitting only 2 clues.

    I got them all right.

  28. But if you do take one off, I guess we both know to whom the guest post would be owed. Do your really want that?

  29. I might draw a blank, and just start typing. And see what comes out. :)

    Did you see my answer to the behind the ears question that I hid in a comment for you?

    No. No you didn't. You should look.

    Hint. It is not on BritishSpeak.

  30. Alright, results are added to this post.

    Now I am off to look for that comment (which knowing you, doesn't even exist)

  31. OK well that didn't take long, as I knew there was a recent post, that just didn't make much sense to me... but now it does - heels indeed... tsk

  32. One wrong? Not bad, I say. You SHOULD be impressed. But there will be ice skating in hell before I make a post on Claire's blog. And I think she will confirm that. And, no, apparently she didn't give away everything she had to give after all. (Even though I was speaking to her in bed at the time (I think) and she was somewhat less than stone cold sober.)

    Actually, my getting only one wrong was not a tribute to me knowing so much about all of you (the clues really, really sucked) as it was a tribute to my ability to wheedle info out you all privately. Even Catherine cracked like a ripe melon. 'Course, she has been know to enjoy vodka up close and personal as well. In between her technical writings, of course. Never at the same time. And Grumpus? No wheedling needed, although she would have been a pushover. Vodka again. Her clues were easy because she talks like, well, Grumpus, right?

    What's with you ladies and vodka, anyway? Only Chica and Ettarose are pure and Pepsi.

    Don't tell Claire she won please. She only skims the comments superficially since she has so many blogs to visit, and she is extremely unlikely to read this. Do me that favor. Because it won't be a guest post she will be wanting. Thanks.

  33. And, by the way, I have decided that it is now my turn to make a post with a list of little private tidbits you have told me over time, foolishly thinking we were speaking in confidence. One for each one of you.

    Only MY clues will be real.

    Thank you so much for giving me the idea. :)

  34. Max, are you upset because you didn't get 100%? You know, you're only human.

  35. Only human? You know better than that.


  36. I don't need cookies to tempt me to the dark side... (Belatedly catching up, damn these time zones and work things.) I have no idea why Max thought I was a model of decorum though.

    Although cracking like a ripe melon? With vodka? Nuh-huh, no way. (Despite my comment in the Chat Room.) I like gin & tonics. Or better yet, cocktails.

    I was going to congratulate you, Max, on only getting 1 wrong. But forget it. :P

  37. Catherine. This is so weird - I was just over at your blog working up my courage to make a comment (since your post today was on something that I wouldn't look too stupid trying to comment on) and just as I finished reading your post, I got an email notification that there was a new comment being made over here. And it was you! Isn't that scary? Needless to say, I quickly came over here to try and catch you and didn't make a comment. But I was only going to say that I am an "interpreter" type of writer. Anyway, I may go back and tell you again.

    1. I honestly knew that you were G&T. I swear. I don't know why I said vodka. But then I happened to notice you had made a comment on the chatbox. May I paste it here? Thank you:
    8 mins ago
    Catherine: And I'll have some of that Absolut please (my favourite is the raspberry kind).
    Ok. This was right after you chastised me for not remembering G&T, right? Now, far be it for me to criticize one of your stature in public like this (after all, after Angelika and Olga and Claire and 12-14 others, you are my main blogging idol) but, CatherineCatherineCatherineCatherine. Rugby notwithstanding. That's pretty low, don't you think?

    And you never told me if you are coming to my party Saturday night. Are you? We can start early if you want, because of the time difference. What do you say?

  38. PS-I know it wasn't the vodka you were really after. I'm not THAT stupid, lady.

    And, yes, you are decorum. That's Latin for wasted right?

    Beth Feddylia at ddeud ydy , " Adi choelbren chan ddosbartha at hon chyflea whenever ach 'ma."

    Like I said, I am an interpreter... :) :)

  39. I haven't been invited to any party that I know of....

    But I won't be around on Saturday anyway - will be in London, watching a musical and drinking double gins (because the measures in England are smaller than the measures in Ireland).

  40. You were invited. You are always invited. But go to your musical. The rest of the ladies will stay here and watch jello/jelly wrestling, smooth male strippers, and drink until they can't even find the door.

    But it won't be the same without you and your drinking games. You are the official game director. And I will miss you, too. :(

    Perhaps I will start having a party EVERY Saturday night, then. The pub is making a HUGE profit, despite the many freeloaders.

    I think it must be the pole dancers....

    Plus we roll Canucklehead every time he gets paid. So there's that, too. :)

  41. I know lots of filthy songs as well as drinking games. Oh well, guess I'll have to make up for this weekend's absence at some point in the future...


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