Monday, July 28, 2008

Second Guess

1. I played Lady Diana Spencer in a school pageant to mark the wedding of Charles & Di. - Catherine
2. This female was so shy as a child, she would burst into tears every time a teacher asked her to answer a question in front of the class. - Debbie
3. My nickname in highschool was "take a toke Toker" - Petra
4. I took Scottish highland dancing for 3 lessons, until it became clear you couldn't get the awesome little strappy dancing shoes right away, so I quit that shit. I was 6. - Grumpus
5. As a child I always thought it would be wonderful to have dimples in my cheeks. - Catherine
6. I spent the first 18 years of my life living in the same small town. - Caroline
7. Tequila makes me run around my yard naked - Petra
8. I would trade the rest of my life to be a sparrow for. just. one. DAY!!!!! - Grumpus
9. I have a freckle on one big toe. - Chica
10. I bite my toenails and occasionally chew them. - Claire
11. I cry every time I watch Last of the Mohicans. - Claire
12. I can hold my breath under water for 2 minutes. I practice in the bathtub and in the summer, at the beach. You have to do this where there are no lifeguards though. They don't like it! - Caroline
13. I cannot ride a bicycle. - Catherine
14. Pink was my favorite color as a child. Everything had to be pink. I must have overdone things because I hate it now. - Sheila
15. Tulips are my favorite flower - A.

Bonus: Peanut butter = Ettarose


  1. I submitted only one fact, but the other fact could have been me too. *sigh* how I wish I could go back to those days sometimes. :D

  2. Morning! I am finally back after an interesting weekend.

    Max, do you want to know now how many you got right?

  3. welcome back handsome!

  4. Not bad at all. I submitted only one fact though. I think I'm allowed tell you that much.

  5. @canucklehead - who you calling handsome?

  6. Caroline, give me until Noon my time to grade me. I am still doing last minute shuffling and thinking. Two hours from now. 11 your time. Thanks.

    Btw, how many did you say I was allowed to get wrong and still "pass"?

  7. I can't remember how many I said you could get wrong and still pass... but I will go hunt for that comment now. Trust me not to remember the rules that I set.

  8. Well, I guess I am already as ready as I will ever be. I wish at least you would have told me how many clues each person gave about themselves. I think I got a few more right, but I probably messed some others up by changing them.

    Did you know I will be in Portland tomorrow? Perhaps I forgot to tell you.

  9. I did not know that, I assume you mean Portland OR, not Maine... what are you going to be doing here?

  10. Oh, you corrected a couple from when I first saw the list, but unfortunatley you also changed some from correct to incorrect.

    You still have the same number right now that you did at 9:01am.

    You want me to give you the answers now, or you want to use the last 25 mins to adjust?

  11. max,

    have you always been an over achiever? Worried about perfection? Perhaps that is why you surround yourself with such perfect ladies.

    I am not sure what rules Caroline set forth, but, I think she would agree with me that you get an "A" for effort. However, I still think you might want to write a guest post or two, even if they never get posted!

  12. Debbie, I very much agree, he definatley but in a lot of effort to try and get these right. And he is ever so close.

  13. Oh. I thought you knew. Actually, I am headed to Beaverton, to be more precise. I have an invitation from NIKE management to make a presentation. I have asked them to assign me an assistant. They asked if I had anyone particular in mind. Coincidentally, I did. There is heavy lifting involved. :)

    Should I pass this little test of yours, however, I might be so happy that I cancel my reservations...

  14. Are you SURE I don't have them all right?

    Just askin'...

  15. "Ever so close."

    Ah, yes.

    And soon to be much closer...


  16. You are ever so funny (and elusive)max.

    15 mins left... then I will let you know which ones you got right. Then if you choose, you can try and figure out the last ... ones... before I give you all the answers.


  17. back to my office, I am going to miss the drum roll, DRATS! Bon Chance!

  18. I think I will do much better the third and last time, after you tell me the ones I got right. It would have been fairer had you done that the first time, though. But I understand "fair" has very little to do with this exercise... :) But I am having fun. And learning, too.

  19. You are correct, this wasn't necessarily meant to be fair - at least not by your definition of fair..

    but I shall post what you had right in just a moment.


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