Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mysterious Facts About The Women Max Admires

So after some discussion about what to do when Max is gone I think we are close to having a plan.

Send a mystery fact or two about yourself to mysteriousfacts along with a link to your blog.

They will then be posted here, and I will keep a record offline of which fact belongs to whom which will be posted after he's answered.

Upon Max's return he needs to figure out which fact relates to which person.
For each one he gets wrong he forfeits... forfeits what... we don't yet know... but I welcome all suggestions, so post away below.


  1. Makes me think of the scene from Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstine........

    "Oh sweet mysteries of life at last I've found you...."

    I wonder if maxie will be singing any tunes with this????

    Hey, Canucklehead, why not throw a fact or two about yourself in to really throw him off?

  2. I am pretty sure mr maxie will be singing some tunes, although I have no idea what they would be.

    Yeah Canucklehead, send one or two in... that would be fun!

  3. I will doodle something for you, any suggestions?

  4. hmmm, perhaps, you could doodle a puzzled max and the ladies he adores - but other people will probs have better ideas.

  5. That's a good start :)

    How many facts do you have so far?

    and how many would like off me?

  6. Send as many as you like, we only have 3 so far, so I'd like to wait a little longer before I post them.


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