Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Suggestions Welcome

"So what would make maxie dearest the most crazy to find here without really doing harm? I am thinking a list from all of his lady admirers of what he can do to make them happy. The list can be complete at 180 items (that is a number I use in my Love Potion Number 9 class to manifest new love). He will have to complete all 180 or we will bring out the big guns, (guns to be determined).What say ye? just brainstorming here...." Debbie

I like Debbie's suggestion, but what other ideas do people have?


  1. Come on Ladies, you know who you are....
    don't leave me flappin' in the wind here, this a chance for a band of sisters!

  2. I love your suggestion, Debbie - but I'm trying to think of something that Max could actually manage without causing himself or anyone else bodily harm or emotional distress!

  3. I understand your concern for anyone else's emotional distress, but max's?

    are we talking about the same max?

  4. I shall have a think...

    Ones that he would really do?

  5. Lady admirers? There must be a better way of phrasing that :)

  6. Well, we're ladies who he admires, aren't we?
    But ok, yeah, maybe not the best phrasing.

    And as for Max's emotional distress - I say Hah! to that.

    Still thinking though. Maybe we should each pick a mysterious fact about ourselves, have them all posted up together, and have him guess who it's about. And forfeits for each one he gets wrong.

  7. interesting Catherine...

    what does he forfeit?

  8. Hmmm, Catherine I think you might be on to something.

    Now as to the forfeit...that's a tricky one - I am going to think about it.

  9. You can send your facts to caromie-mysteriousfacts@yahoo.co.uk

    and I'll start putting them into a post.


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