Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its All About Max

I am sure like me you are by now very fond of the lovable pub dog... what lovable pub dog am I talking about you ask? Surely I can't be meaning that mischievous max? Well I most certainly do.

He's been keeping us entertained both here and over at Britishspeak for quite some time now.

As he occasionally has some nice things to say about us, be it on our birthday or to mark some other event, I thought perhaps we could repay the favour. Why not comment with your favourite Relax Max quote?

To get us started mine has to be

"Still not sure why y'all would bother to actually go to the trouble of saying something so complicted when a simple American "Fuck this shit" would do the trick."
from More Football, More Words, More Confusion (I kept his typo there on purpose, I was going to correct it, but then realised it would not be a correct quotation if I did so - sorry Max.)


  1. Oh goodness, I cannot think of just one, there have be a gazillion as you are a damn great commenter, and so you always leave the best quotable comments behind. :)

  2. @chica It took me a long time to pick out one of the many gems that leave max's finger tips. You are so right, he is a truly great commenter.

    As well as blog awards, perhaps there should be comment awards. Max of course would need more than just shelf to place them all.

  3. This comment was left on my blog. It was the beginning of a truce and blossomed into our friendship.

    Debbie hears a noise outside, looks out the window, sees nothing. A slight rustling sound. Than nothing. Curious, she opens the front door halfway and peers out. In the dim early morning light she sees a large bouquet of red roses propped against the side of the door, on the porch. She picks them up and looks at the card.

    Debbie makes no comment, but smiles inwardly to herself. The card is signed in the awkward, almost illegible scrawl of a little dog.

    "I'm sorry, Debbie. Can you ever forgive me?" is all the card says. Debbie knows who the flowers are from.

    "We'll see," she thinks, closing the door again.

    "We'll see."

  4. What is this? The Official Relax Max Fan Club? What did he pay you Caroline?

    I've been searching for something nice to say, made less easy by his total disregard for dates. Have you noticed? You go to a post dated March and all the comments are from May.

    Anyway, I've spent far too long going through posts and comments, chuckling all the while. Many things that make me laugh are long-standing and ongoing tirades, for want of a better word, that can't be quoted readily, but here's one of his more endearing moments, even if he tried to hide under a pseudonym:

    Chubby Llama Lover: BTW - I guess now is as good a time as any to come clean and admit I actually only date animals. It may seem a little off topic, but it's actually quite relevant. In short, I love ewe!

    I did ask whether he was a lover of chubby llamas, or a chubby lover of llamas, but he failed to reply. Such short-lived puppy love. :(

  5. Depend on Caroline to step in and cheer me up. Not that I was really that down, Debbie. Just winter looming. I remember that comment, Debbie. You forgave me. Many comments were from (or arose from) the famous Canucklehead Wars. Remember that day? Where the amazing Warrior Princess and her band of Amazons came to save the day, and the enchanting Marmalade (and Lolly) who put Fat Bastard in his place and subdued Canucklehead and his llamas - and mesmerizing Debbie and her attack chickens. And Caroline "working behind the scenes impromptu". ::Laughs to himself:: That was a long but good day peeps. Over 100 comments on BS I think. Mot my own, of course (what else is new?). And so far off topic. We used to have fun on BS, no?

    And my pal Chica is always there when you need her. Designing Chica. Chica the designer, I mean. The more I get to know her, the more I admire her.

    I was only fooling around, really (since no one has been reading this blog anyway, why not?), but I just found out who my friends are, didn't I? Thanks.

    And a.? I deny ever saying those things, in March or May or any other time. The only animal lover amongst us is Canucklehead. And don't you go back and try to prove it either. :) I will give you a good talking to later. :)

    Thanks again Caroline. And the rest of you. You guys are the greatest!

    And to MY Princess, wherever she is, I love you.

  6. Max, you got me with the 50 foot garden hose. That was the beginning. Telling everyone how I said on my blog that I fucked a 50 foot garden hose. I been hooked ever since. Just sayin!

  7. @ Debbie - I actually remember that. He must have done something really bad to make such public apology :)

    @ a. believe it or not no bribes were offered, in fact he didn't even know this was happening till it was there. Guess I just felt bad for the little pup...

    @ max. I sort of got the feeling all was not well in the world of max, winter can do that I suppose.

    @ ettarose. So that is what it takes is it? The mention of a 50 foot garden hose will keep you around, I am not sure what to say to that.


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