Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can't think of a caption for this

Canucklehead? Anyone?


  1. "I just crawled out, and let me tell you, it ain't pretty"


  2. not a caption, but a question: did you follow us to the island again?

  3. Yeah, she's my bitch. You got a problem with that?

  4. that is one pissed off looking Chi-wow-wow! And let me tell you, as the proud owner of a mean lil' chi-wow-wow, I would not want to piss one off! Guaranteed it will pee on that ass. And don't ask me how I know, but DO ask my chi-wow-wow why his nuts were cut off.....

  5. Perhaps, now where did I bury that bone?

  6. Descartes got it I think: hot dog on buns is brilliant! I was coming in with something else but it pales by comparison ...

  7. "Ain't no one tappin' this ass but me!"

    Sorry. He just has that look.

  8. One wrong move, and the pooch is history!

  9. "Wow what a view from these buttes!"

  10. And the winner is....

    Descartes wins, hands down. And I mean that dude, put your hands down.

    Second is gotta be Brian for his pun on Buttes. Which I realize is lost on you Brits. Funny though.

    Thank you for all who looked at that ass and then played.

    @Chica - Chicachicachicachicachica. What am I to do with you? :)

    @Debbie - Heh.

    @EttaRose - Third prize I think. :)

    @Petra - I remember your traveling Chi-wow-wow. And you owe us a story I think. :)

    @Descartes - please go pick up your award at Canucklehead's house. Tell him I said to give you an enlarged picture of the bar girls. :)

    @Mike - honorary mention. Good one. :)

    @Canucklehead - The only one who got turned on by the dog. Next best thing to llamas, eh? Thanks for stopping by dood. :)

    @Petra - There you go again, girl. Don't be talking about tapping ass here. This a fucking class blog. :)

    @The VerbalWarrior - Welcome to our humble blog. And I like your caption. Cute. :)

    @brian fitspatrick - You are much to intelligent to be frequenting this blog, Brian. But thanks. I hope you come in again.

  11. @Descartes - tell him to give you one that's not all sticky.


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