Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our busy friend Claire.

We know this is not exactly the best of times for you, but we are all with you. Hope you have a party. We are having one for you today. Drinks are on the house. But then they always are for Claire. Many happy returns to a classy lady who has always been there for everybody I know. Cheers!

From your pals at the Slap and Tickle.

Stop by her blog and say happy birthday to Claire. Keep your other compliments sparse, please. She already knows.  Just leave her a kiss. That'll be okay.


  1. Claire you old dog! Happy f*ckin' Birthday! I'd have a drink for you but my well is dry (trying to be good) so instead to you I raise my diet Pepsi! Proost!!

  2. Happy Birthday Claire, Sorry I am so late.


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