Saturday, October 18, 2008

In case you've forgotten his real personality...

Yeah Caroline, Max is a real winner all right. You people are all starry-eyed but I have to live with the little pervert. Apparently you don't frequent the same blogs as I do. Just in case you think Max has reformed and it is ok to invite the little shit into your living room, here's another recent comment you missed:

Cult of Qelqoth By Relax Max on Oct 11, 2008

"Well, I didn’t rape her. Pretty sure of that. I didn’t finish though. I’m pretty sure she did. Maybe it wasn’t her after all. But she had a limo. And a big fucking driver who threw me and my cumless dick out on the pavement in a really bad part of town. Thank God.

Ummm, what the fuck blog am I on again?"
Oh, yeah. That's class all right.

And how crass was he to poor EttaRose at first? Did she deserve that kind of treatment?

And poor Chica? How quickly they forget! Here is Max's fake picture of Chica (who Max called "Karen Price" just to be mean.)

Oh, yeah. That's showing the love to one of this sorry blog's most loyal followers.

I won't even go into how he relentlessly attacked Debbie. To the point she had to get outside therapy. She still refuses to follow this blog because of what he did to her.

And he has the audacity to brag about the Canucklehead Wars. There wouldn't even have been any Canucklehead Wars if Max hadn't stolen Canucklehead's EntreWidget picture off Canuck's blog and made up a fake post that said how much Canucklehead idolized Max. And he didn't even know him. That takes balls. And I don't suppose you have any idea what he did to the Amazon leader in her tent after the battle, either. Oooooooh Noooooo. What a loser!

Go ahead. Love him. Like I said, I have to live with him.

PS - He doesn't bathe either.


  1. I didn't even remember about it until ya reminded me. Now I need to have some more therapy to block that memory again! LOL

  2. I like the little leg humper. But then again, I'm partial to dogs....

  3. That's what I like about a good pub. An instant warm welcome from the landlord as soon as you walk in.

  4. max really was not too crass. I just cried wolf for sympathy.

  5. that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. maxie, because of you, I am stronger.....

    (Don't think you can come after me to kill me, I have sentries around the place now!)

  6. I want to apologize for my friend Yummy who, of course, is jealous of those of us who have lives. Pay no attention to him.

    Sheila, what have you kept out of, my dear?

    Chica, it never happened. I would never do that.

    Petra, I think I know what you mean. :)

    Hi, Mick! Thank you for dropping by our little pub. Sorry you had to see it so dirty. Please come back after EttaRose has cleaned up.

    Oh. Hi Ettarose. Don't cry. Wolf. For sympathy. We need more bar towels dear. Lockup when you leave, K?

  7. You know I never knew what had started that war... I just tagged along anyway.


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