Saturday, June 23, 2012

& that why walmart love u 2

HP ink be cheap at walmart.

Do you also enjoy waiting in line for a half hour to pay for it?

This brute went to all stores first, too.

Wonder if still on sale 2 years later?

I wasn't going to say this, but I gotta say this: who the heck goes to the Walmart website to tell them how much you love shopping with them and how amazed you are at the printer ink prices? Some 35-44 year old male in NewYorkNewYork, that's who. Hope they sent him a gift card for some baby food or mayonaise. Or something. Secretly hope he puts the mayo in his printer after dropping a glob on his keyboard.

Why am I in such a sarcastic mood today? I think I will go to the Walmart site and write them a love letter. Unless it is moderated.


  1. You actually believe he went searching? He was probably paid to do write that.

    1. You are such a cynic. Of course I believe. Walmart wouldn't hire all those comments. If they did they would pay for good spellers. I am shocked at the very thought.

  2. They all write their own. Hmmm, maybe they would employ me.......?

    1. They would employ you in a minute. Better hope they don't come to England.


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