Sunday, June 3, 2012

No Rust, Still Fun

I had an old car once. A 1937 Pontiac. It ran. Sometimes I drove it. Actually I've had a lot of old cars, not that old, just junk, semi-running. But the Pontiac was an "official" old car, the kind people stopped to look at when you drove past. I like to go to old car shows. I take pictures and collect information. I didn't take the above picture. It is a 1936 Pontiac. It is like my 1937 Pontiac was, only different.


  1. Old cars have character, new ones all look the same.

  2. What, no rust at all, have you no soul?

    Pardon one for asking, but, when you owned such a flamboyant automobile, did you dress like the Great Gatsby?

  3. My flamboyant automobile was painted in dull reddish brown (rust-like) primer, was not a convertible, and I dressed in clothing suitable for changing tires. :) However the straight-six flathead was newly rebuilt and ran like a charm. Had to hold the floor shifter into first gear, but ran like a charm in second and third. Surprisingly peppy for a six-banger.


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