Thursday, November 15, 2012

Raging at the dying of the light

All my heros are on Social Security now. Holy Mackeral.

I grieved when they turned 60. 62. 65.

Hell, I grieved when they turned 30.

Then Ringo turned 70. So did Bobby Dylan.

Who turned/turns 70 this year? Lots. The calendar says...

Country Joe McDonald
Woodstock. Gimme an "F".

Marty Balin
Jefferson Airplane. Punched out a Hell's Angel at Altamont, on the trailer with the Stones, remember?

Graham Nash
Can't say anything bad about Nash. Nobody can.

Corey Wells
Three Dog night's three lead singers ALL turned 70 this year.

Carole King
I forgive her for marrying Neil Sedaka because she wrote the Tapestry Album.

Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith
Davy Jones will never see 70. And I'm sorry.

Aretha Franklin

Roger McGuinn
'S true. "McGuinn and McGuire, justa catchin' fire, in LA - you know where that's at..." You remember Roger - he's the Byrd who didn't father/donate to Ethridge's child or have a liver transplant.

Paul McCartney
Ok, he was never my hero, but still.

Brian Wilson and Al Jardine both
Jesus Jesus Jesus!

Gary Pucket. Johnny Rivers.

I can live with that.


Petula Clark turned 80 today.

Not a rocker, but still, You know? huh?


  1. I grieve for myself, without worrying about them! ;) And I grieve even more when I realise Petula Clark was around with I was a kid...she's been around all of my life...and I seem to be catching up with her! No wonder I grieve!!!!!

    I ditto Adullamite's comment...I'm depressed now, too!! Thanks a lot!! lol

  2. If they lived forever their songs would get really, really old!


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