Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Willie Nelson, high school basketball player.


  1. I really like Willie Nelson.
    He is a SONGWRITER. He wrote "Crazy", you know, made famous by Patsy Cline?
    If you get the chance, watch the video, "Beer For My Horses" with Toby Keith. When Toby Keith called Willie Nelson and asked him to be in the video....oh heck, you are going to make me do a post on Willie Nelson!

    1. He wrote lots of songs. "Pretty Paper" is a popular Christmas song a lot of people don't know he wrote.

      He was a good friend of Faron Young and wrote his million hit "Hello Walls."

      He wrote "Funny How Time Slips Away", a hit for himself and a zillion other singers.

      Has he made any money? In 1990 the IRS seized his assets and said he owed $32 MILLION in back taxes.

      Capable of earning money quickly? He released a double album dedicated to the IRS debt and by 1993 had cleared the tax debt.

      There has never been anyone quite like Willie the marijuana and Farm Aid crusader. And never will be again.

      I love his guitar that he has worn a hole through over the years.

      I learned to play the guitar bridge in "I'm a Memory". Took me forever. :)

      I think you SHOULD do a post about Willie. :)


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