Friday, January 1, 2010

Pub Listing

Drinking and having fun is taken seriously in the south of England. There are 1054 pubs in Hampshire alone. I don't know if I believe that figure or not, but that's what the directory says. Here are a few:

Abby Hotel, Romsey [pictured above]
(11 Church Street)

Other Romsey pubs:

Star Inn
13 Horsefair

William IV
45 Latimer

The Olive Tree
11 Latimer St.

The Tavern
30 The Hundred

The Tudor Rose
3 Cornmarket

None of these pubs have been visited or reviewed by our blog viewers, at least not that we know of. If you have visited any of them, your input and rating is appreciated.

What are some of your own favorite pubs? Give us a description and picture and we'll put them in the Slap & Tickle Pub Registry.


  1. I think I agree, 1054 doesn't seem very many for the whole of Hampshire, does it?

  2. Drinking and having fun is not limited to the South of England... in fact we do it better up North :)


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