Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I can't stay away from pub food very long...

Looking for the best pub food in England, and...

"At The Sportsman, a seaside pub on the pebbly Kent coast, I recently ate the best lamb I've ever tasted.."

Ok. But what I want is plain old fish and chips fried in real lard and maybe some bangers and mash. Or a pasty. The lamb you can keep with my compliments. So, when I say "the best pub food" I am talking about OTHER than lamb. Just a personal preference.

Visions of spotted dick and toad in the hole. But we'll start simply: fish and chips. Where are the best fish and chips in the entire world to be found? I'll tell you next time. But I know.

To all the hoards of Americans who follow this blog, chips are french fries. They are not really chips, as in crisps. Never mind.

Of course, in the UK, fish is what they call chicken. Not to confuse you about what we are talking about here.

Ploughman's platter explained next.


  1. The Sportsman is very gastro-pub-like. A pub with pretensions. I know where youthink has the best fish and chips, but I know somewhere that does a very fine job. I haven't eaten a decent ploughman's in a long time so I'd be interested in a survey of what would qualify.

  2. We don't have french fries here, we have chips.
    Except in americanesque cuisine such as macdonalds and burger-king.
    Despite a faint similarity of appearance, french-fries and chips are NOT the same thing.

  3. I hate that word, gastro-pub. Just call it a restaurant with a bar. :) Where do you THINK I think is the best? :)

    Dear Soubriquet the Mistaken: It's only a matter of size and we have all sizes. The only difference between chips and fries is that we use better-tasting potatoes. I fear I may never taste your chips, so mail me some, hey?

    I guess you can't mail onion gravy though.


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