Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hard to discern if this is spam or not

This particular spam was probably from one of Adullamite's resident spammers. You can tell by the exquisite command of the English language. I wonder how many people who get this actually click on the (assumed) porn link provided?

              "The Better Business Bureau has been booked the above mentioned appeal from one of your customers in respect of their business relations with you. The detailed description of the consumer's disturbance are available visiting a link below. Please give attention to this question and notify us about your sight as soon as possible.
We politely ask you to click and review the APPEAL REPORT to meet on this claim.
We awaits to your prompt response."            


There is another link at the bottom to "unsubsribe" but it probably takes the clicker to the same porn site.

Out of curiosity, I wonder why "the" BBB would allow you to unsubscribe from their complaint emails? And since there are at least a million BBBs, is this one really the Ultimate BBB for the world? I wonder. At any rate, it was really hard for me not to believe this was the real thing and not just some regular SPAM. It looks so realistic.

P.S. My sight is weak (and probably jaundiced) towards this appeal/disturbance.


  1. Do you spend a lot of time looking at your spam folder? Prompted by you I find an interesting one:

    "Cut 20 years off wrinkles in a week."

    We all need younger looking wrinkles, don't you agree?

  2. The phraseology, thanks to Google translator, is wonderful! But they are all sex sights. The spam selling ugg boots, whatever they are, is falling off.

  3. Ugg boots are an Aussie invention, Adullamite...fleecy-lined boots with hide outer...made from sheep's wool and hide. They should hide; and remain hidden...in the dark, back reaches of the closets! I've never had a pair in my life and have no intentions of ever having a pair...but the majority of folk who have them, swear by them. And they became quite a "fashion" statement with many so-called celebrities a couple of years ago! I prefer to remain an "unknown" minus a pair of Ugg boots! Whoever thought up the name...got it right! ;)


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