Friday, March 18, 2011

No one has EVER accused me of being a good speller. But...

Some of these are more interesting than simply bad spelling. Some are surreal.

Culled from some online posts and comments:

"Think of it as your car's breaking system..."

"Slowly but surly..."

"i did the same thing and ended up dying a few months after i got my laptop..."

"...if you leave it on and on a soft surface it can cause a fire or overheating of your laptop which will defiantly harm it."

" kills the battery and shortens it's battery life..."

Some unanswered technical questions I will take stabs at:

Q: Blue screen of Death... does anyone know the solution?

Relax Max answers:

1. I advise you to try a solution of one cup of dish soap per 5 gallons of water.

2. Buy a Mac.

3. I'm sure Microsoft will be glad to help you for free and will answer the helpline promptly.

4. 146?

5. Use it for a paperweight.

6. Is this another question about car breaks?

Q: Should I buy the iPad 1 or 2?

Relax Max answers:

That's a poser. Let's see... the new iPad 2 has several more features, is more compact, has a ton of new apps, comes with 2 cameras, has a cover, is faster -- and it costs exactly the same. Tough choice, I agree. I would advise you to buy the original iPad.

Q: How do I plug my laptop into a TV?

Relax Max answers:

1. Use your hand.

2. Very slowly.

3. Into the lower part of the screen. Press firmly.

4. Tell us again why you want to do this. Do you think the TV picture will magically show up on your laptop? Do you think your blog will we seen by millions? Are you just looking for a power source? What?

Q: Laptop internet connection?

Relax Max answers:

1. Yes. Yes, indeed.

2. Blue.

3. Using a laptop on the internet is not possible, dude. Sorry.

4. That's an incredible idea. Try to patent it.


  1. What are the chances that you could change the colour of the font so that the words are legible?

  2. A, you want the words to be legible?

    I wonder if that helps.


  3. They're leggable, but billy-us lookinge.

    Captin Spellible.

  4. Who is yur favourite charactor and why?
    Who is the charactor you least like and why?
    ok so for english we gotta write about dis, but is dis right grammer and spelling and all?

    I expect they understand each other. Or do they?


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