Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dancing talent runs in the family

I hadn't thought of the inestimable Joel Grey (also pictured in the previous post in makeup from his role as Master of Ceremonies in Bob Fosse's 1972 hit movie "Cabaret") too terribly much until I saw him on TV in the audience of "Dancing with the Stars" recently, which his daughter Jennifer won. Jennifer is 50 now, so Joel must be in his 70s. Time flies.

I used to have a girlfriend
known as Elsie
With whom I shared
Four sordid rooms in Chelsea

She wasn't what you'd call
A blushing flower...
As a matter of fact
She rented by the hour.

The day she died, the neighbors
came to snicker:
"Well, thats what comes
from too much pills and liquor."

But when I saw her laid out like a Queen
She was the happiest...corpse...
I'd ever seen.

I think of Elsie to this very day.
I'd remember how'd she turn to me and say:
"What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret."

And as for me,
I made up my mind back in Chelsea,
When I go, I'm going like Elsie.

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