Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pub walks into a Canucklehead and asks for a drunk...

Man walks into a room and asks for a pub.

Canucklehead was drunk again.


I think we are going to start concocting house drinks named after our regular customers.

Anybody want to come up with the ingredients for a Canucklehead cocktail?

"Beer" is already taken.

I'm serious. What would the ingredients of a Canucklehead be? 


They had a raffle at a Polish wedding  last Saturday evening at the reception. Second prize was to spend the evening with the bride. First prize was a ham. Ta DUM da. Take my wife. Please.

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  1. I proudly present the Canucklehead!

    8oz draft beer (preferably Canadian)
    1 shot ouzo (Greek wife)
    1 shot Baileys (improves everything!)
    1 shot expressso

    * shake well and sprinke liberally with bacon bits



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