Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gratuitous flesh for Canucklehead

Note: pictures of nearly naked women can be emailed directly to: Max at boomerwebusa dot com Thank you. If the women are COMPLETELY naked, the email for that is Yummy at Thank You. If it is outright pornography, send it to the Vicar Ezra please. Send it to Max at and I will be sure he gets it promptly so it can be destroyed. Thank you. If any of you see Canucklehead, please email him to me at: Debbie at hotrocks dot com Thank you. If anyone happens to see ettarosmitchsassyfrasssue, please don't take any action. Thank you.

If you have any complaints about the posting of these kinds of semi-objectional photographs, please make a comment to the current post on either Chica's or Petra's blogs, as they handle this sort of thing for the pub. If you have a complaint about some other facet of this blog, or of the service at the pub in general, we want to hear from you immediately and have operators standing by 24/7. Call: 1-800-EATSHIT. Thank you.


  1. Whoaaaaa back up a minute. I better be getting paid by the hour for this sort of thing. :p

  2. Holy love for all things Canadian!!!

  3. @Chica-Of course you are being paid, silly. I sent your portion of the take (and it was a considerable amount) to Petra. She will be sending you your cut. k?

    @queenie-(queenie??) Ummmm. Yeah. Me too. You are hot for the picture, you mean. Right? :) Why do I sense Bridget's hand in this??

  4. I like the way you just sign my up for shit without my consent Mister! And Chica - that "cut" he refers to is gonna come from his ASS so I hope you like smelly things....

  5. @Petra-Damn, girl. You are scaring me now. Are you in the middle of another one of those alcohol-induced blackouts of yours? I hope not. Because I've sent Chica's money to your PayPal account and if you've drank it up already, I don't know what she will do to you. Can't be responsible.

    And, just for the record—and I have it in writing, you know—you are the one who approached ME about doing this, practically BEGGING me to give you a link—even promising to give me an award of some kind on your blog. I enjoy a joke as much as the next person, Petra, but enough is enough. K?

    And, while you are at it, stop sending me those love letter emails. I don't know how you got your hands on my personal email address anyway.

    I will be posting those other links this afternoon, as you requested. So be nice.

  6. @queenie. Sorry for getting you mixed up with a delicious psychopath I am currently in love with. I promise you will be safe if you return. :)

  7. @Petra-And go sign up for a google account and get an avatar for your comments or I swear I will make one up for you. You have been warned. Don't show your face without showing your face. Or the face of some zombie or something. Don't think I won't do it, baby.



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