Monday, June 30, 2008

Flying Squirrels

"Collecting Nuts"
A post-modern/surrealistic work in progress. Soon to be retitled "Birth of the Blues" after Chica  bashes Max's head in.


Are you people REALLY too drunk to notice that Grumpus is gone?

Why do I bother?...


  1. Squirrel Nut Zippers are making a comeback? Oh how nice.

  2. Max, I think that is the cutest thing ever. He goes very well with Underdog! Love ya

  3. Haha that little bugger is just too cool! He can come hand with me anytime, in fact I think Sallie would just adore him. She's been a lonely squirrel after Bill died, poor thing.

  4. I totally love the pick - especially the placement of the zipper (can you say ooowwww?)

  5. So....let me get this straight...all I have to do is put up a picture of a squirrel and you comment???!!? Ok. Now I know better than to make up hugely witty posts. And thanks to Chica for the inspiration.

  6. Poor Max. I worry about you. Lost in the world of nutterdom.

  7. It's official, Max.

    Squirrels > Grumpus.

    The people have spoken!!

    Now, onto your post...

    Aww, a little baby squirrel what thinks it's Superman!!!

  8. You'd be amazed to find that when ya hardly talk, people like to chatter. I find I get more comments on small posts, then big posts. People are just too darn lazy to read through everything! Unless it's a serious heart-wrenching matter that is.


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