Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dating game


  1. Well that seems perfectly reasonable to me. Though I have to confess I wouldn't go for mozarella stcks, that seems an odd choice. In fact what are they? Sticks of cheese? Or bread sticks flavoured with cheese? Why mozarella? That's hardly full of flavour. Cheddar would be much better. But personally I'd prefer salt and vinegar crisps. Or dry roast peanuts. Pork scratchings? No, not so much.

  2. He probably doesn't know what mozzarella sticks are...let alone how to spell them!

    But, never fear,'d have him he'd probably move onto the next table! lol

    1. I see. Fickle. No staying power. I certainly wouldn't trust a man who so readily moved on to the next.

    2. We women are difficult to please, Sheila...if he persisted we would start calling him a stalker or a pest...if he moved on without a second shot, we'd feel insulted that we're not worth a fight! lol


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