Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blonde ambition

A blonde needs extra income, so she's out looking for part-time work. She knocks on the door and a man answers. She asks if he has anything she can do to earn some extra money. He tells her she can paint his porch and he will give her $35. She agrees and he gives her the paint and a big brush. Two hours later, she knocks on the door and tells the man she is finished paining his porch. He pays her $35. She leaves.

She pauses and turns back to face the man and says

"By the way, mister, that's a Jaguar, not a Porsche."


  1. A wonderful story, which has restored my faith in human nature. My local Jaguar dealer has quoted me a price far in excess of that, just to repaint a little stone-chip damage on the driver's side door. I wonder if you could pass on my details to your young lady at your earliest convenience.

    Ersatz Soubriquet, Esq.

  2. Was that a Freudian slip or a genuine typo?

  3. Oh! Dear! That reminds me of something that happened years ago...not to me..but to one of our young staff members...he was asked to remove the expired registration sticker off the boss's car. He did so...but it was the wrong car...the car belonged to another senior member of the staff...and he did not have a sense of humour!! lol It was so funny...I thought!


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