Sunday, August 26, 2012

More 1960s Nostalgia

(Mason Williams talking about his days as a writer for the soon-to-be censored Smothers Brothers TV show.)


  1. Why is the show going to be censored?

    1. I only meant that the Smothers Brothers TV show was censored by CBS back in the late 1960s) and then cancelled shortly thereafter. It was a big deal back then. Williams was a writer for the Smothers Brothers Show (which was soon to be cancelled.) I didn't word the sentence at the top of this post clearly. sorry. I don't mean this video on this post was censored or that the TV show is still on. :)

  2. No problem. It probably was the way I interpreted it as well. With the way that the politically-correct insurgents rampage around the place these days...anything is possible! I, for one, am against political's gone past its "use-by-date"! ;)


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