Sunday, August 5, 2012

Interesting but questionable

Even if there really are 4 triggers and 4 hammers (which can't be seen) it would still not deliver more firepower than the most basic pumps, which hold at least 5. This doesn't even take into consideration how burned his left hand will be. Real? I say an interesting photoshop by a non-hunter.

Update: Well, apparently there really IS such a thing. Why? Still don't know the answer to that.


  1. 300 million people
    500 million guns
    a mass killing every week.

    2+2 = ?

    1. I suppose a bleeding heart liberal would conclude that without guns there would be no violence, no more murders; that without a gun, killers would not be able to commit murder anymore. Others conclude that criminals should not be the only ones to have guns and that the real answer is to protect yourself until the bad guys are all in prison or executed.

      Onan was killed by getting his head bashed in with a rock. The obvious conclusion is to ban both rocks and gods.

  2. Shotguns are handy weapons for zombie defence, but have the drawback that the ammunition is bulky, and fumbling a reload could be fatal. Pump action makes sense, as a four-barrel monster like this would be ridiculously heavy, and exhausting in even a short zombie encounter.


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