Thursday, July 12, 2012

Famous Artists from Switzerland

1877-1957. Swiss farmhand and laborer was one of the most renowned naive artists ever, and one of the leading Swiss artists of the 20th century. He had no training or examples to go by. Using only his remarkable powers of observation, he painted only on Sundays when he was not needed in the fields or as a laborer in a textile factory.


  1. You should give a link to some of his paintings because I think they're lovely. I hadn't heard of him before.

    1. And yet... you were somehow able to view some of his paintings even without links. No need for BOTH of us to be energetic. :)

    2. (altenate reply, less British humorish)

      They were all so wondrous that I was unable to choose one to link to without slighting others.

    3. I suppose they are both a bit British in their clever sarcasm. Both sarcastic, only one semi-clever. But I am not John Cleese, after all. I am spoiled -spoilt if you will - and have lost my funny American humor somewhere along the way. Just try to picture me throwing a cream pie in your face as I type this. :)

    4. Well. that's the requisite 4 comments now. I'm off.

    5. Not so much a cream pie as a fruit cake.

    6. You wouldn't want to get smacked with a fruit cake. Stick with cream. :) I will ignore and deeper hidden meanings.


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