Monday, March 26, 2012

Even larger Oreo cookie discovered in Africa

Dwarfing the manhole-sized Oreo, which hitherto was believed to be the largest Oreo cookie in existence, scientists announced today the discovery of a chocolate saucer of unheard of proportions in the small village of Photoshop, Kenya. The photo shows the Oreo dwarfing a full-grown African bull elephant.

The enormous confection is in the process of being transported by container ship to Yorkshire, where it will be incorporated into an "Incredulity Monument" at Leeds, having been purchased by the Council of that city at the urging of one of its more scientific thinkers.

Turning to sports news, the annual Scotland-to-Cornwall bicycle race was halted and disrupted about halfway through the race by an irate man screaming, "There's no such thing as a cycle-ist!"


  1. Only interesting if it's a *mint* Oreo, like I'm eating right now.

    Munch munch.


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