Friday, March 23, 2012

Crushed Oreo Cookies and Vanilla Ice Cream

Tomorrow: the recipe.


  1. still waiting for the recipe. Or to be more accurate, to see how you are going to fit such an outsize Oreo into such a tiny scoop of ice cream.

  2. @A. - That's a 3-gallon tub of ice cream so the oreo is much larger than you even thought. The recipe calls for 6 French winemakers to stomp on the oreo until it is crumbled. Then you take a garden shovel (or any other shovel, I suppose - the recipe wasn't specific in that regard) and shovel the mound of cookie crumbs into the ice cream. I guess you stir it up then. Seems better to just make an oreo blizzard with a mixer. Maybe you folks don't have blizzards at your local Dairy Queen though.

    I have a better one though, a personal favorite. Take some raisins and soak them in rum until they swell up and then mix them into softened vanilla ice cream to make rum raisin ice cream. Alternatively, fold in bits of dark dutch chocolate and nuts into the vanilla ice cream and drink the rum straight up in between bites. Throw up. Repeat.

  3. If that's a three-gallon batch of ice-cream, then I'd suggest the thing beside it is actually a cast-iron manhole cover. For the Oreo tunnels, beneath the city streets.


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