Thursday, September 15, 2011

What IS this fungus?

Lt. Kinderman: If certain British doctors never asked "What is this fungus?" we wouldn't today have penicillin, correct?

(Lee J. Cobb, "The Exorcist")

Of course, Kinderman was talking about Flemming, not Pasteur. But I can't spell Flemming.


  1. I knew you could spell it. You can even spell ayershire. :)

    Incidentally, did you know his first name was Alexander?

    I call him "Sawney". Sawey Phlegming.

    Arrrrh, matey.


  2. May God forgive your ignorance, my son. May He not condemn you to a phlegm-filled Ayrshire cave at high tide.

    I can intercede. For a small donation to the poor box.

  3. Not to encourage cannibalism, but, once again...

    Bite me, padre.


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