Monday, September 19, 2011

"I shall return!"

Didn't General Douglas MacArthur die back in the 60's? So what's he doing at a teaparty rally?

Interesting trivia: did you know his father was a general too? Did you know his father's name was "Arthur?" I'm not lying. You can look it up. What wild and crazy fun-loving parents. Oh, my. It boggles.


  1. Does that pipe go "toot toot", do you think? Like Popeye.

  2. Mac means "son of" in Gaelic, so it's no worse than Magnus Magnusson. O, as in O'Connor, on the other hand, means grandson. So if Douglas MacArthur had a son he could be O'Arthur, though I will confess that doesn't sound too good.

  3. @A. - Are you making fun of the world's savior just because he smoked a corncob pipe??? Did you know that his father was stationed at Ft. Wingate when Douglas was a child? Bet you didn't. Bet you don't even know the significance of that even now. :)

    @Sheila - Two comments! I am flattered. And with no prompting! I didn't know about Mac and O'. I knew about fitz and von. And ben. And vich. I think he did have a son. But I would have to google that. :) He mostly lived in the Philippines. You really don't remember him, do you? I swan.

  4. I don't mean "remember". I mean know who he is. :)


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