Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mystery Girl

Does anyone know what this is and where this is?

Bet you don't.


  1. How long are you going to leave her on the floor of your bathroom?

  2. She better be up soon, she has the dinner to make.

  3. Lost Gardens of Heligan.
    Next question.

  4. @Soubriquet - I was looking for her name and a county. I'll give you one-third credit. At least you didn't say the La Brea Tar Pits.

  5. Please sir, please sir! Me sir, me sir! I know the answer!

  6. Well, I could give you both, but A knows the answer so I'll let her tell you a corny story about an un-named muddy maiden.

  7. as for the La Brea tar pits, now there's an interesting subject. tar pits, that is.
    And my local supermarket sells a very tasty olive-bread by the La Brea bakery. I found the same bakery's products in krogers in texas.
    I surmise that the bakery, a small, family affair, bakes the bread in cast iron ovens submerged in pits of boiling tar. Their delivery van does about three million miles per month, and the definition of "fresh" might not be strictly applicable.
    Still, I find that olive-bread quite addictive.

  8. Far be it for me to be offensively judgmental (as you well know) but peeeeYuck.

  9. Pee yuck to what?
    Tar or olives or bread?
    Fear not, how could I be offensively judgemental myself of a man who lives in a region where refried beans are regarded as food?
    Save yourself, man, I urge.

  10. My dear newly-cowboy-hatted Soubriquet:

    First of all, we are a simple people (except for the odd martini-drinking coyote) here in NM and we don't throw away leftover beans.

    And, second...

    Pyuck to the tar-fume-saturated bread, olive or otherwise. And if it isn’t tar-fume-saturated, then the folks who still guard Mama Allegretti’s secret bread formula to deliver to Yorkshire and Kroger are wasting their time with that particular baking method and might just as well use un horno instead, which would hold the heat more evenly and which you could also use for baked beans and even crank out a few pieces of black pot’ry before it cools off. You can’t do that with a bucket of stinking tar. I think you would be better advised to save the cost of hand solvent and bring your olives to NM. If you did that, you could even put some authentic NM green chile in the bread and give the olives to the martini-swilling coyotes. Incidentally, chile is something you won’t find in Texas. Texans think chile is brown and comes in a can and is spelled with an i like Judi or Debbi or Sandi.

  11. I've never sniffed the aroma of La Brea tar, but as a kid I liked the smell of coal-tar. Hm. I wonder if you can still get Wright's Coal-Tar Soap?

    Them texans deny the very existence of New Mexico. They're like the ancient Chinese, believing nowhere outside their borders is worth putting on a map. Except for the oil places, but hell, even there they stick to rigs and survey camps where everybody speaks texan.


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