Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boeing 707


  1. Yes. It is circling for it's final approach to Tipperary International.

  2. The test pilot of this famously dis 'roll' over New York when showing the plane off.
    Next day the boss quietly said, "Don't do it again."
    The plane could mind.

  3. @Sheila, I am, of course, only guessing. I choose the 707 because of the time period and because of the shape of the stanchions the engines are mounted on. I think I'm right though. Frankly, I wouldn't have guessed that airport to be large enough to handle a 707, but I must be wrong.

    @Adullamite - I've seen a picture (or it may be faked) of the roll over NYC that you mention. More guts than brains, if true. It was a sweet airplane.

  4. Oh indeed it happened. It was filmed, and a pic was taken on board! The pics must be around somewhere.


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