Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama forgives BP; NASA head Charles Bolden: "I misspoke, goddammit!"

So.... according to Angelika, the assassination attempt on Hitler led by his officers DID result in him being shot but by himself and not by Tom Cruise. "After receiving an extra large dose* of WTFium, Hitler shot himself in..."

Oh, man! Don't leave it there and don't make me come back and read the whole comment.

Hitler shot himself in... IN WHAT???

The foot? The head? The Tampax aisle at the Berlin Walmart? What? What? WHAT?

*Extra large Hitler-sized dose. Probably three times the dosage for regular person WTFium.

Post not long enough, so caption this picture of 30% sober lady holding full bottle of WTFium. And the winner is: "She's between Barack and a hard place." (Free movie pass goes to...Charlie Bolden)


  1. Um...what? LOL. This has got to be the weirdest link love I've ever gotten. Thanks! :-)

  2. Link love??? This isn't link love! Who in their right mind would visit your blog after reading excerpts of the crazy things you blog about? Wake up and smell the WTFium! :) :) :)

  3. Any press is good press, man! ;-p

  4. So.... I can say anything at all that comes to my mind, and it will be ok? I would watch this space if I were you.


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