Sunday, July 18, 2010

I wish to reproduce, please.

I miss the visits of a wonderful lady who used to come around BritishSpeak quite a lot, before her move and before her life got quite so busy as it is now. I still hang around Wise Herb blog though, and I really like her sense of humor. A lot of the time I just read and don't comment. I do that on a lot of blogs, so beware. Today I noticed something in her sidebar, that brought me up short:

"Contents are (C) Copyright, but if you wish to reproduce, just ask."

Don't anybody EVER say people aren't neighborly in Cornwall.


  1. I did get one comment to this, but it was in Chinese.

  2. It's always a relief to know you're not completely forgotten, even if it's only the Chinese who communicate.

  3. In fact I spoke far too soon. They've been to visit me, in plural. It's better to be forgotten.


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