Sunday, February 28, 2010

Per capita beer consumption

If you are sober enough to decipher the below truncation, you will be able to see which country drinks the most beer. If you are NOT sober enough, then go see the chart here.

Consumption per capita (2004)[1]Rank
(633 mL
↓Total national consumption
(in ML[B])
↓11 Czech Republic156.9-3.21,87822 Ireland131.1-7.152133 Germany115.8-3.29,55544 Australia109.9-7.61,67855 Austria108.3-3.685566 United Kingdom99.0-3.65,92078 Belgium93.0-4.797087 Denmark89.9-9.8486916 Finland85.011.74371010 Luxembourg84.4-0.539119 Slovakia84.1-8.54561212 Spain83.80.93,3761313 United States81.6-0.323,9741411 Croatia81.2-4.33651514 Netherlands79.0-2.71,2691615 New Zealand77.0-1.93131717 Hungary75.32.87551818 Poland69.1-2.72,6701919 Canada68.3-0.22,1832022 Portugal59.63.66272126 Bulgaria59.54.44482223 South Africa59.23.02,5302329 Russia58.99.38,4502421 Venezuela58.60.01,5252524 Romania58.21.41,3022625 Cyprus58.11.7452720 Switzerland57.3-2.24262827 Gabon55.8-0.9762932 Norway55.58.72493030 Mexico51.80.65,4353128 Sweden51.5-3.94643231 Japan51.30.66,5493333 Brazil47.61.38,4503434 South Korea38.50.01,8973536 Colombia36.80.31,658 --[A] China22.13.828,640

To this, we add Soubriquet at 112.1 liters per annum. This ranks him before Australia, but after Germany.

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  1. Soubriquet sadly reports a slip in the rankings over the last year.
    His doctors, in their wily wisdom, have prescribed medications that are somewhat hostile when taken by a frequent imbiber... the warnings were severe and scary.
    As a result Soubriquet' beer consumption has plummeted, leaving him soberly wistful, dreaming of those days when he'd search "Beer Paradise" for plunder, coming away with dusty bottles of cellar-matured Kriek. A favourite, at one time was a beer called "Delirium Tremens", sigh. A nice big mug of Hoegaarden would go down nicely right now.


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